In our line of business, results sell. A portfolio of case studies will help to sell any of your treatments and for treatments like SkinBase you can also show your client the difference in their appearance from the first treatment. We’ve put together this little Quick Start Guide for taking before and after photos. Following our tips will eliminate distractions from your images and achieve the best possible comparison to highlight your great results.

Quick start guide

  • Neutral expression. No sad face before, happy face after, keep the expression the same in both pictures, preferably a neutral, mouth closed position.
  • Keep the angle the same in all pictures. It’s much easier to compare two pictures when the positioning is the same. Keep the height and distance at which the pictures are taken the same and ensure the same area of the face is included in the pictures. Use a point of reference to help you ensure the after photo is positioned in the same way.
  • Good lighting. Lighting is key and will ensure your images appear in focus. Natural light is best. If you can, position your client near a window, but not with the sun shining directly in. If this isn’t possible use a flash on the camera and have a well-lit room. This will minimise shadows which can make features like wrinkles and scarring appear worse than they are. Try and take the pictures at a similar time of day if you can.
  • Client’s appearance. Keep posture the same. Back straight, shoulders back, head facing directly forward. Remove any makeup for the pictures. Hair tied back away from the face, or use a hairband. Wear the same clothing if possible.
  • Background. A clear background, a blank space of wall is ideal, will ensure there are no distractions from the image.
  • Use the same camera. Difference in camera quality can vary wildly, even between phones. Keep to the same phone or camera and the same settings.

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