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Train and Develop for Long Term Business Success 

Train and Develop for Long Term Business Success 

The importance of continued training and development in every business is so important – including yours! With the high level of competition in the beauty industry, it’s pivotal that your business stands out from the crowd. So let’s take a look at how proper training...

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Beach body ready?

With summer holidays fast approaching, that dreaded feeling of peeling back the winter layers and revealing our bodies on the beach is starting to creep in.

Celeb Secrets

Revolutionary new treatments mean it is no longer necessary for clients to go under the knife to lift, refresh and tighten the skin.
With zero down time and no tell-tale signs (apart from amazing firm, plump and fresh skin) Radio frequency is fast becoming a celebrity favourite for restoring and revitalising skin.

Learn more about the benefits of regular exfoliation…

There are so many benefits of exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. From getting softer skin to achieving the closest shave possible, helping your body kiss goodbye to dead skin cells will help to ensure you have the best skin possible! It’s time to get exfoliating SkinBase friends!

Know your client’s skincare needs

How to narrow down your clients’ skincare needs and help them get the skin they want. If you don’t know what skin concerns your clients have, just ask!

SkinBase happy customer

We love happy customers at SkinBase, why not read our testimonials or call about one of our award winning machines to see what they’re all raving about.

IPL – Solution to excess hair growth

Learn the basics about how the SkinBase IPL achieves permanent hair reduction for your clients and understand why more than one treatment is required.

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Ask Leesa

Do you have any questions regarding our machines, treatments or techniques? Ask our Senior Trainer, Leesa, here.

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