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Uneven Skin Tone

Advice from SkinBase™ – the UK’s leading microdermabrasion treatment – on reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone.

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Dull & Tired Skin

SkinBase Focus: Dull & Tired Skin

It’s Friday and we don’t know about you, but we. are. exhausted. Anyone else look in the mirror today expecting to see a face which echoed that Friday feeling and left feeling sorely disappointed at the bags, break outs and dull skin staring back at them?

Help you skin catch up with your mood in just 30 minutes…

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Dull & Tired Skin

Concealer tricks to hide dark circles…

Dark circles are some of the hardest things to cover in the world – but did you know that there are tricks to hide dark circles that a lot of people don’t know about? Sometimes, when I don’t sleep enough, I get these deep, dark bruises under my eyes and it’s a pain to find all of the right application tips to hide dark circles that make me appear more awake than I actually am. If you girls have the same problem as me, especially during the party season, I’ve got all of the makeup tricks to hide those pesky dark circles!

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Beauty Tips

How to even out skin tone using makeup

After a discussion in the SkinBase office, it quickly became evident that most of us aren’t super comfortable with all the different makeup elements to even out skin tone and ensure your skin and makeup look the best they can. Throughout this blog, we look at different ways that make up can help even out skin tone……

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Ageing Skin

The best ways to even out skin tone

Whether it is a nasty outbreak of spots, the onset of premature ageing or uneven skin tone, at some stage everybody looks in the mirror and hates the appearance of their skin. Here are some handy tips to get you back on track to beautiful skin…

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Before & Afters

SkinBase Transformations – An Update…

Oh hello. Just thought we’d update you. Last week, we posted the before and after after just ONE SkinBase treatment, now look at the improvement after just two! Shared with us by independent SkinBase therapist Alison from Beauty by Alison in Kilmarnock. Just two SkinBase microdermabrasion treatments down and her client must be absolutely delighted with the results – forehead lines have practically disappeared, skin tone is clear and glowing and pigmentation issues have been resolved.

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How to successfully cover up your party season hang over

Not sure about you lot but here at SkinBase towers, the party season is already in full swing. Things are only going to get more hectic as we move into December, and I am sure you’ll agree we’ve all been there, where we need tips to cover up a hang-over so that we can function the next day.

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Acne & Acne Scarring

It’s time to embrace your personal flaws!

We’ve all been guilty of it – focusing on one of the traits we don’t like. But believe you me, that will lead to nothing but stress every time you look in the mirror. Stop stressing and start embracing your imperfections!

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