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Makeup mistakes that age
Ageing Skin

Makeup mistakes that age you

Following on from our blog focusing on microdermabrasion treatment for ageing skin, we thought we’d share with you these makeup mistakes that can age you.

If you look in the mirror and see someone older – after you do your makeup, you might be committing one of these critical makeup mistakes that age you! To stop the crimes, here’s a list of all of the top makeup mistakes that age you below! That way you won’t be caught dead with caked on concealer or runny mascara!

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oily skin

Help! I have oily skin!

Do you have very oily skin? Well you are not alone, take myself for example, I use oil-free products, toner, and wash my face every single day, sometimes even up to two or three times a day but the oiliness and that certain ‘shine’ just won’t go away. Not only that, but I suffer from regular breakouts. Sound familiar? Well this blog explores just how to banish the shine without losing your glow.

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